Carrie notes
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2021-07-08 15:03:45 (UTC)


I have had it with the segregation that goes on here at Franklin Plaza. What's really sad is one lady is leading it on a full head of steam.
I didn't notice it when I first moved in, because I was too busy unpacking and trying to make friends. Which happens with each new place I move into. It's just really sad and hurtful that when this pink ladies group here at Franklin Plaza doesn't get what they want from me, they find a whole lot of things to blame me for.
The supposed pink ladies conduct themselves accordingly:
1. They insist someone is a part of their group weather they want to be or not.
2. The minute someone doesn't do something for one of them they are considered rude.
3. Oh lets not forget how someone's words can get twisted into what they believe is right.
I bring this up because 2 days ago one Tammie Sarret cornered me and chewed me out because I put a stop to buying peanuts for one Nicole Boreass. Who after I put my foot down about buying peanuts knocked on my door for a ciggarett which I didn't have.
I say no to people and I get told I'm not going to be a part of a group I never wanted anything to do with. All it does is mess with my bipolar and that's not good. With this pink lady group Tammie Sarrett is in charge of it's like nobody has rights but her the ladies who follow her.

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