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2021-07-08 01:18:29 (UTC)

new goal, new challenge 😨

Boxing odds have changed once again. Good for me for betting early. Sucks for the other guys betting late.

Our gym is starting a new 6 week challenge. All gyms want to copy what our gym does and now many gyms do 6 week challenges. Either weight loss, fat % decrease, or strength training. I wanted to do a weight loss challenge. However, it's gonna cost me $300 to join that program and I already actually know what to do. The other challenge is a strength challenge. My friend at the gym wants me to join it with her so we can be sort of two compadres inspiring each other. She's already in pretty good shape. She already has a toned body and always had one all these years. We grouped together with her other friend many times when we split into smaller groups and get along really well. She's one of the very humble gym people. I can tell she has a nice body but she hides her top half well with baggy shirts but I can tell. Anyway, she wanted help so she asked me to join the strength gain challenge. I didn't want to. I can already lift a case of wine no problem and I told her so. Goal reached :) But we're going to enter the challenge since it's only $100 and by doing so, we get $100 in credit to buy supplements so it's actually just a wash.

I'm way over my covid weight. I was at 155-160 pre covid. Now I'm at 172 lbs. Ugh.. Yes, I can see I gained muscle but I'd be fooling myself if I say I gained 12 lbs of muscle. So, I will enter the challenge and modify it to be a combo weight loss and strength gain. The already fit lady and I will help push each other to succeed. I don't mind really. She's actually very fit and cute too so there is that. :) I mean come on, if a woman invites a guy to come over to help her do something like mow her backyard and she's pretty? What man would say no? Yup... can't be helped. So joining a gym 6 week program? Uh.. no brainer. No worries, I'll be good. Never dating a gym member.

I have been thinking about something deeper. A little about feeling good even though I'm alone. Only recently in the last year or two. Being alone is not being lonely. Proof of that is in this site. I do reed some posts. I read about the pain, suffering, and loneliness from people that are married or with a significant other. Sad to read about this and my heart's out to them. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. So fo course, when I wake up alone in the mornings, I savor every min of it. Having my morning coffee alone but in perfect peace with myself. Knowing that the only disruptive noise will be on Wednesdays when the garbage trucks come by to pick up the trash. Waking up smiling as opposed to waking up with the daily drama your spouse, bf, gf, brings to you. I know because I had those days when I was married a long long time ago. Now the biggest drama is if there is leftover coffee in the coffee press from the day before or not. Again, I will take it.

And if there ever comes a day when I wake up to some cutie-pah-tootie in the morning next to me, I will make sure I say to her when I wake up "Good morning sweetie". Second of course will be "Please make us some coffee pretty please sweetie". Yeah.... a bring home to Momma kind a girl :) jk. not kidding. I already know I would :) haha

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