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Diary of the little ambivert
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2021-07-07 11:24:52 (UTC)

celebration time

I tried, I really did try to be happy. But it was not an easy feat. With every message that came in on our law school group chat, I was scared but expectant. “Is that it?” “Is the result out?” until M sent me the link. And my heart really did sink into my stomach. I quickly stood up to go get my exam card. Now that I think about it I wonder how I was able to do it, because my legs were weak. And then I clicked the link, put in my details, nothing. Honestly, I felt a little bit relieved. But to be certain, I went to the main website to recheck. And then it happened, the result dropped down. I had a mixed reaction, I was happy, but not too happy, I was relieved, I was shocked, I was grateful, a little bit disappointed, but nothing exceeded the joy. I remember telling M that the result was really out and she didn’t believe me until I sent her my result. I relayed my fear to her that the result wasn’t what I expected, I thought it would be better. And she encouraged me that that was a good result. I slowly began shaking off all the other feeling.
When I saw the statistics of the result, I realized that God was faithful to me. I started celebrating. The congratulations stated flooding in. With every congratulatory message I saw, tears flooded my eyes. With every news of my friends excelling in the exams, tears flooded my eyes. I am now (after the call to bar ceremony) a member of the largest bar in West Africa, a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. I remember the sleepless nights, I remember the fear, the prayers, the time spent in the library, everything. I remember when I thought I couldn’t do it no more. I just wanted to give up. Some topics will frustrate you. Sleep will add more to it, hunger will crown it off. But the result was beautiful. The effort was crowned with success for me and my girls. WHAT GOD CANNOT DO REALLY DOESN’T EXIST.

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