A lady in the crowd
2021-07-07 04:33:25 (UTC)


The old saying goes that people attract who they are. So when your crazy uncle is complaining about his 'crazy psycho' ex, he probably is the crazy psycho...

I was having a lot of nostalgia, since I had to review my High School transcripts to enroll at a new College this fall. I am aiming for gold and it's all or nothing. I will be working full-time and will enroll as a full-time student as well. I started remembering how busy my schedule was as a Junior and Senior in Highschool. I'd wake up at 4:30am for my morning run, go to multiple Club meetings, run Cross Country in the evening, tutored, and took classes at my local Community College in the night. Even then I still found the time to get myself into trouble. I thrived under pressure and am excited to work my tail off again. It was a thriller and the adrenaline I got off of this was the best feeling I've ever had.

I don't miss being sleep-deprived though and it's like my classmates would love to compete as to who looked the most like a zombie everyday. Going through Chemotherapy took a heavy toll on me but I have made a full recovery. I keep up with my Oncology appointments and am four years in remission. I stepped on the scale today and now weigh 120 lbs! Back in 2017 I was down to 90 pounds and was practically a living skeleton. Dakota and I got a Gym membership today and cannot wait to look my best for our Cancun trip coming up next year. I have been working out consistently at home but I am sure that the gym equipment will help me out. Busier days are yet to come but I plan to write more. It's getting late now so have a good night to who ever reads this.