If I die today
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2021-07-06 16:41:29 (UTC)

regular day

I have a left sided neck like headahce at the moment. Todays been a day nothing remarkable same as a usual workweek schedule. Went to bed last night proably about 10 feel asleep woke up close to 8. Back on d3 and iodine and my multi I happen to use prenatals as my multi at this time but a swtich may come. Also the xr sheild i had once today . Still fueling the coffee addiction. Got laundry done today did some running total time from beging walk with the dog till end was 40min the weather is cooler than past days were around 100 right now but tommorow will be more mangable too. After work we ran errands to pay po bill and get my inhalers from fred myer. Ran into lCaro RRobley at freds I didnt know she worked there as a cashier she seemd busy so I asked her for a pen and paper and just wrote my landline # down. i got an enevlope and stamps at the post office I can send a check to my parents for the dental loan. not really much inentions on my heart other than chewng on the fact I shoulda waited to date nDea and let him wrap things up first. Also as far as lCaro I think I may have offended her and again someoneelse I may have take adavatge of in my life knowingly or unknowingly. I literally do or did? suffer from insanity but I think in many ways I wronged her maybe its mutual. Its almost like I dont know how to act or respond when people help for a time or when tensions occur. I jsut suck. I do worry she may have ties to my ex I dont evne know if shes gonna call but if she does I should clear things up and proceed with cation how much I share assuming that it may be passed on to my "husband" and at 325 an hour I really dont want to tip him off and make more work for my atty. I feel like there shoulda been a court date this week maybe it was today IDK I can check the court website and find out. It is still an attempt to get permision to serve by mail at the last known address. I want to tell nDea I'm sorry I shouldnt have ever went forward and put him in this postionof dating under those terms I should have encouraged him to wrap it up and waited. so maybe or maybe not we will have the talk but right now is the first chance he's had sicne work to really relax since we ran errands. oh and I did core strenghting workout today also so I did get in one workout today thru the videos . nothing else really to report.

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