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2021-07-06 12:15:31 (UTC)

My son's Birthday with grandson

Happy Birthday Tom Jay Lewis, and I am sure your son Michael misses you very much , But like you always say , It's your time. Nothing anyone can do about it. But, when you went before your mother and dad, it makes you think even more and never gets easier no matter how many deaths you see. October 10, 2020, will always be remember. How can your dad ever forget when the following day is your dad's birthday. Going to miss that funny card and expired lottery tickets that were already cashed. But, your one of a kind and the Almighty needed you for something more important than those you left behind. See you soon, but not too soon, as I have plans to live or outlive all of those now here, but maybe The Almighty willalso need me sooner than I could ever think. Like you, we never know! Lots of love dad

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