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2046-07-06 12:10:00 (UTC)

MLB Dodgers: Camila got the argument at the end of the Marlins Game:

Aired: July 6, 2021
Teams Shown:
Team Dodgers: Camila Redona, Paola O, Evelyn B, Rolando R, Bella Q, Paulina F, Beverly Andrea G, Linette S and Kimberly Estrada.
Team Marlins: Jian G, Meghan G, Sophie Nicole, Pablo R, and Nay Gomez.
Transcript Shown Here:
Camila: You are so cheater!
Nay Gomez: Because I won first, not you!
Camila: Now you are so (bleep)ing cruel!
Nay Gomez: You know what, I am going to win.
Camila: No! Us win!

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