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2021-07-06 00:43:18 (UTC)

A good day off 😌

I got a lot done today. A combo of errands and workouts. I attended two gym sessions. One at 9AM and the other at 4:30PM. I was able to get my truck in for a minor tweak at the muffler area. The exhaust pipe is way too close to my now larger spare tire and I didn't want it to catch on fire. So I paid them to cut my pipe and install a new rerouted pipe that'll give me the clearance so my tire won't catch of fire. Not a cool mod but a much needed safety modification. Now instead of maybe 2 millimeters of clearance. I now have about 4 inches of space. More than safe enough for my tire. Get this. The muffler mechanic told me if I go 4 wheeling on this. If so, I shouldn't because it's too nice to take out for 4 wheeling. hehe

With a combination of Chinese food for dinner and two workouts, I had to take a much needed siesta. Yup, more first world problems 🤪
Of course, now my sleep is messed up. I slept for a bit and now I'm wide awake at midnight. Will probably stay up till 3AM getting my brain all mushed up by watching Netflix. However, I did check my work schedule and see that I don't have a lot of mtgs tomorrow so I'll be fine in semi-zombie mode.

Afternoon class was small today. Teamed up with a possible new gym peep. She's in for a week trial to test the waters. They always put the new possible gym peeps with me because I get along well with them. All I have to do really is to reflect the first week I was at the gym and talk about that. I still recall how it hurt to drive home on the first week and I have power steering. I also make good insignificant but funny chit-chat to make them feel comfy. They can also just copy what I do so they aren't lost or anything during our workouts. I'm that guy to reel you in even though I don't get paid to do it. I actually have a pretty good record because more than not, they do join after their first workout with me.

Anyway, this new lady complimented me saying I had "nice looking calves of steel". Cool. Feel free to stroke my ego anytime😈. Nice to hear after so many painful aching mornings from all those workouts. Oh those memorable moments of pain just from sitting on the toilet because your calves and hamstrings hurt.

This was a much needed weekend. That extra day off really helped. I'm ready to rock it this week and it's now a short week so it almost feels like it's already almost over :) zoom zoom. Don't forget to smile peeps. I hear it can even keep your face and neck muscles a little toned too so you stay not just young at heart but young at face too. Haha. Is there such saying? If not.. you read it here first folks. 😊

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