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2021-07-05 22:59:00 (UTC)

Space Cadet Prepares for a Busy Week

Dr. Wood XLIV

Today’s been a very easygoing Monday. Since 4th of July fell on a Sunday, today is observed as the holiday, so I didn’t have to work. Although I’ve been spending some time transferring files from one work laptop to the other as the lease on my old one expired. But today’s been a good day so far. Got a lot of posts done for my page and I’m cooking dinner now. This week’s gonna be busy – first thing tomorrow morning I have to call my insurance company to get new auto policy so that I can send it to Carvana within a two-hour window, or else I’ll have to reschedule my delivery appointment. I also have to find a way to send my old work laptop back via UPS without a vehicle, which means I’ll either have to walk to the UPS store or ask for an extension (I have to send it within three days of receipt of the new one). Selling my current car will probably happen when I get my new one delivered (I called today to ask about that as well as some questions on the insurance stuff, and they said I should be able to sell it on the spot when it’s delivered). So there’s quite a bit going on there. The ease of the day has pacified me enough to where I don’t feel too bad about yesterday any more. So I’m pleased with that.

The linen spray hasn’t come in yet – but it looks like next week is when it’ll come in. It’s at my post office now so that’s a good sign. Groceries were due to be gotten this Thursday but ideally I’ll only have to push it back one day, so no problem there. There’s a leak coming from the floor above me and into the bathroom, so I’ll have to consult the apartment complex manager about that. Uhh what else… that’s about it, I think. The good thing is that a failure on any of these fronts won’t be devastating (although not turning in the work laptop on time would be pretty bad - $500 down the drain if I don’t do it in time. But if worse comes to worst, I can always walk there since it’s not very far). I have nothing planned for this weekend, or next for that matter. The leak can be contained for now, and I have a decent amount of food left (I could easily last another week and a half with it). Guess I’m trying to find some silver linings and make up for yesterday’s catastrophizing. Though I don’t regret my outpour of emotions, it was pretty cathartic.

I don’t really have anything else to talk about. I don’t feel like getting into any big philosophical one-person discussions here, nor do I have anything to complain about at the moment. I just need to go about my week and hope it goes according to plan. In the meantime, I’ll sustain myself with some Gex 64, Maitetsu, Skullgirls, and diary-writing. Here’s to hoping all goes as planned!