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2021-07-05 16:31:24 (UTC)

Room for rent for repairs

The above link tells how it was in the past is always learning new advanced and maybe sane ways to deal with every day citizens (people) of the New World Order. Then again just maybe you never learned what in this New worlds order IS COMPRIZED of? After all, your brain washed daily by all means of live entertainment meaning television, now called smart tv. Why called Smart? Ah anything called smart means there's snooping eye's following your every motion while in front of it. Anything smart has seeing eyes to view as well as control you by means of brain waves. Oh wait that is nothing but fiction. Like the comic book days of Dick Tracy and talking to his watch. Fiction is great especially when it's reality. Where do you think selfless driving cars and trucks come from? Fiction or is it plans that can and will be used in the future? I being an old fart as am called by many sure know. After all I like the idea of telling my car to take me to Washington or New York and I can sit back and view or sleep. Flying cars or deep water diving cars already in this future of mine but until affordable may not live that long, Then again, youth pills are already in the making and now being tested as well as body repairs from old to younger by as many years as you wish.
All dreams or are they? Their already being sold on the internet some where. Many of course today are nothing but scams and you send the money and they are youthful enough to go out and live it youthful for you. That is the part they don't tell you. Today order anything you like and never receive is called fraud by those of us that work hard for our money. But, many others just say why are you so stupid to buy something that deep inside you know it is not on the market. Hell I see ads for mobile scooters daily every where especially in Facebook market pages. Less than thirty or twenty busks. Ad's all some truthful as well as customer service address. But, take time and go to see what these complaints are and the page is not found. But, the money did find it way out of the bank account or credit card or even debit card. Once in a while a few banks and cards will refund your money for being so stupid or smart but after so many times, then your just shit out of luck. Go to regular on-line stores that you really know as well as the better business can say if anything is on the up and up. New business never known until complaints are made, but then by that time your money is gone.
Today, did get a few hours sleep and the day looks warm. None of the fireworks kept me awake, as getting use to it now after so many years. Just takes getting use to and go on living for whatever the future holds. See Florida had a twenty foot apartment building collapse with many people still not found but until sections are standing or braced up enough to search for people then many will die if alive in pockets of air inside the rubbish bricks and rocks. But, tragedy happens some place daily and will be reported as such until they want you to believe and attack has occurred for future war three,.
Well, noon now so think I'll go to Taco stand for the tacos at a buck each. Have a great Monday everyone.
Room for rent, as needs new flooring in bathroom and walls replaced but was a master bedroom as well just scrummy people never taking care of stuff. But, will rent half price if able to do repairs at your expense. Private bathroom as stated, bigger room than the other master bedroom I am in. Those of you that know how to contact me can come and see it and first come of course as always.
Rogers, Arkansas between Little Flock and Pea Ridge in Arkansas.