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2021-07-05 06:55:54 (UTC)

So comfy 😴

Don't want to get up. Feel too comfortable and I get a day off today since the holiday fell on a Sunday. Why why why did I agree to sign up for a morning class?

My friend asked me to go to a morning gym class with her today. It's an accountability thing. Knowing your friend is going makes you have to go too.

It's so hard when you aren't one of those early morning risers much less going to a dang morning gym session!!! Ugh..... never enough coffee in the world for that.

I'm sute I'll feel better after class. I always do. I just like to be-atch and whine in the mornings when I don't get to just chill, have my morning coffee (or three) in bed where I can just zen out and relax. It's just so cozy in bed when the artificially chilled morning air is nipping at you while you're under the blanket.

Times like this I wish I had 10 a min girlfriend. Just long enough to make coffee and bring it to me in bed. Haha. I know what some of you were thinking.. wont go there. Besides, I last way too long in that area. Hehe.

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