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2021-07-05 18:39:58 (UTC)

Suck it up..

it's evening. Got two hours and then i leave for work. I was hungry so i ordered two wraps and had them. With some coffee.

I feel different. Soundtrack for Loki is my ringtone and in my head all day. Wifi and air conditioning. Two things i read a lot on and how all of you take it for granted. As soon as your ass is born it's like these two things are given to you unconditionally and for you alone and to use as you wish. And by chance if they don't work. The media will make sure that the rest of the human population will read about it as BREAKING NEWS.

Like litreally when natural disasters occur on american soil it feels like a personal jab at them and their way of living. When the temperature goes up slightly it's all over instagram the girls in their shorts with caption of it's getting to hot and unbearable.

these cunts wouldn't last a minute elsewhere. No wifi? holy crap must contact the president this is not fair.
send them bitches to Africa or something. let them live in a cabin and let them wipe their asses with leaves and not toilet paper.

I used to take school trips as a helper. My uncle had this travel agency. So like a dog hearding sheep i was flanking them and making sure they were safe. being a fan of the Terminator movies i used to scan the crowd and behave like the cyborgs...haahah. In the sun we used to visit monuments and shit. these little fucks who were in school were whinning for water. They had bottles of soda and packet of chips stashed up nice. But couldn't walk a few miles complaining they were tired. I absolutely refused any aid. At the next stop as expected they didn't buy water but soda and chips. the fat assed cunts always were left behind.

generation of sissys. Oh and they were spoiled good. The way they talk and how they treat others. you could make out. i bet they had servants to wipe their asses after taking a shit.

on the other hand. another trip of a middle class school. fucking humble polite small humans. they were nice. you could tell the difference how money and power end up spoling human nature..

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