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2021-07-04 17:32:25 (UTC)

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Sunday- July 4, 2021

America's birthday of Freedom. Since everyone likes to say how America is so free, I feel I should remind many that it's not free unless you have money to pay off the thug attackers coming for your freedoms. But, first if America is so free, then why does America have more of it's people locked up that all jails/prisons across the entire world? Just thinking about that statement should be able to tell you that America is not really all that free.
If you want to drink or smoke then why are their age restrictions of being older than 21, before your allowed to drink or smoke. But, your government can tell you to go kill other peoples around the world below that age, and starting at 7 even. Strange when you think about it. Not only that if your drinking outside in public and talking to yourself or someone not seen by others in your public space. Then your going to jail for being drunk, crazy, or even just mad at the world. Once in jail, it will release you if you pay what America calls a fine pending a court appearance for your behavior not being as the society feels it should be. From their comes more fines, and court fee's and even finds for public disturbance .
A mentally disturbed person which is said to be caused by use of drugs is jailed or imprisoned for years as well and given time to work for the state in which he's in prison for pennies a day compared to the wages of others. Many people that have no family or even friends can be in jail/prison for years and forgotten. Happens all the time. Not to mention that many are convicted of crimes they never did and even sentenced to death because of the word of a thug with more power and or money than the poor person being used for whatever reason.