Experienced Life
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2021-07-04 09:21:46 (UTC)

Feeling fantastically mellow 😜

Feeling pretty pretty mellow. No overtime this weekend. We get a Monday off too :) Mentally, it makes me feel soooo mellow. I get to take life at a slower gear this weekend. No need to go full blast. Went cruising yesterday in my truck driving around with no destination or place in mind. Just driving and impulse shopping as I pass by a place I may be interested in. I was still able to do my boring home chores and washed my truck. Feels funny not having my car out front. My friend's car broke down so I let her borrow my car.

Today, I smoked a salmon. I think it came out looking great and tastes yummy. Brined it with my special mixture. Just pulled it out of the smoker. Love the color and love the taste. I use molasses on the last hr of smoke and it came out perfect. I want to crack open a bottle of wine to enjoy it with some salmon topped crackers but it's only 9:30 in the morning. Got up way too early on a Sunday.

So instead, I'm going to listen to some Music on my Alexa and spiffy up my truck. Man this is a great Sunday. I wonder if this is how it is waking up each and every time after retirement. For now, I'm going to enjoy the extra day off on this drama free weekend.

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