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2021-07-04 19:16:44 (UTC)

Work more.

Have to fine tune my skills for work. I've been slacking off a lot. Feels like chef Ramsay's 24 hell and back episode. Carrot and the stick.

You know carrot and stick. Used a lot as a metaphor. You beat the donkey with the stick to move ahead to eat the carrot. Need a good ass whoppin.

Yesterday went to my friends house. She has a year old kid. And then a few months old too. Also has a pug. Me being me sat on the floor and the pug on my lap was feeling calm petting her. Kids I don't know what to do with them. At that age where u can't have a conversation and you don't talk baby. The year old one didn't interact with me much since a new face. Dogs are different. Once they see you as no threat they come and play and shit. Humans are difficult. Gotta persuade them a lot to do shit. That's if you don't train them well. The pug didn't move much from my lap since the body massage I was giving her.. hahaha. She was enjoying it. The kid was happy playing with her mom and watching them cartoons.

Living in a colony or a residential society had benefits. I don't live in one. But my grandmother does. I go visit. Feels good. To be surrounded by people of your kind. I see groups of people everywhere. Since young they are friends. Since their parents were friends and so on. I lived far. Grew up a loner. Didn't know how to interact. Still not confident. Sometimes I do wish for other social interactions. Rest of the time I feel like nuking the rest. I know I'm the odd one from the family tree. We all have one. The one who isn't doing well. Rest all are married with kids and here I'm fighting my demons alone.