Letting it out
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2021-07-04 03:40:40 (UTC)

love struck

Okay so this is my second entry within 10 minutes, this anonymous diary thing really helps me out, but anyway, the point of this entry is that I got no clue what to do about these feelings I have for her. Do I act on it? Do I let it play out? I don't know. I waited before to tell her how I felt and when I did it was too late. She didn't feel the same way and so after some time apart I thought I got over her, but deep down in my heart, I guess I always knew I never did lose feelings for her. The question is, do I tell her this time? Since we both haven't spoken in a while and this past month or two we've started talking again and it's like we're closer than before. We've had so many arguments in the past and every time we took some time away from each other and came back we always became closer than before. To be honest, I get that my disposition gets confusing and the fact SHE GETS ME is crazy to me. She really knows me and yeah, it's a little scary but I love it.

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