Becoming quietly confident
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2021-07-04 02:07:40 (UTC)

Saturday notes: sister in law, hot tub, 4th

As I write this I have dinner heating in the oven and I am in the bath soaking and cleaning up from a day spent working in the yard. Getting ready for the 4th. I weed whacked all the edges of the yard, took down a pool that was getting yucky and set up a Colman hot tub under a pop up tent. The hot tub was a gift to my husband for his birthday, we have had it for a little while now and just haven’t set it up so I took the holiday weekend as an excuse to organize myself. It’s kind of a red neck hot tub, but honestly it should still be fun. And I’m hoping for maybe some late night sex in the hot tub this week. This is a formula that has worked for us before ;) ;) As we woke up this morning he grabbed my hair and drug my head over to him and kissed me and then immediately got up to get ready for work. SO... he left a horny wife in bed, who had the day off, knows how to take care of herself, and has a cell phone, you can do the math... oh there was definitely porn involved.

This week at work, thanks to the forever onslaught of new employees, I worked with new employees which meant I did like ⅔ of the work myself, so I am exhausted, and actually bruised from the work. Thankfully I have Monday off due to the holiday. I have decided I am quitting this job at the end of August. I do not have another lined up but I am seeing the path I need to take next.

I still have to line up quotes for the bathroom, I’ve asked for recommendations in my area and had quite a number, Monday I will give them a call. I have started messaging friends too and telling them that I’ll be planning some work parties soon. All have responded back that they are excited to help.

I had a sister in law ask some questions too and I was able to talk some about my husband having hoarding tendencies and that maintenance was slow and somehow tied into all of that. She understood completely (she is married to his brother after all) and offered to help clear out anything and everything when ever I needed. I am liking this sister in law a lot more, I am thankful for her questions. She and I have had kind of a distant relationship, we are very different people, but maybe it’s time to get a little closer.

Oh and my ex messaged again... so far I’m ignoring him.