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2021-07-03 20:54:10 (UTC)

an emotional high

I don't like that I'm making 3 entries today but it has come to this due to the emotional high I experienced.

This morning I felt like what is the equivalent of this straight face emoji 😐. Just fine. No more, no less.

This afternoon I was feeling pleasant. Maybe a mixture of this 😐 and that 🙂.
As the evening went on, my mood kept on going higher so I was about here 😊. Happy or rather, I was just…not stoic. I don’t know. Happy doesn’t seem to fit right since I was still intolerant of my brother when he came in my room.

But the idea is that, once it really became time for me to go to sleep and get ready for where we’re going tomorrow, my mood dropped. And continued to do so as I proceeded to go out of my room to do stuff.

And now I’m back here. In bed. Feeling that 😐 way again. I’m not even sad. Just, this. Fine. Not happy. Not depressed. Just fine. And I guess that’s okay. But it’s boring. I guess you could say there’s a frown on my face but that may be because I’m in a state of discontent or due to my neutral face looking like that.

I’m gonna go read. 🙁

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