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2021-07-03 14:51:24 (UTC)

Random Assortment - June 2021

Quemando Un Gallo by Natanael Cano [Title means "burning a rooster"—idk if that's an idiom or what.]

Everyone I've Never Met by Leith Ross [This is a really nice song to sing along to. It kind of fit with themes in Bo Burnham's Inside, in terms of being sort of agoraphobic, lmao. "Barstools make me sweaty/ When there's someone I don't know/ I probably look so stupid climbing up there on my own/ And the man behind the bar is probably lovely with his kids/ And I am just the ass who didn't order a drink."]

White Ceiling by Parannoul [I listened to this album ("To See the Next Part of the Dream") probably a million times this month, but this was the first song on it that I really enjoyed.]

Telepatía (acoustic) by Kali Uchis [thought I'd enjoy this version but I really didn't]

Когда тебе грустно by Pasosh [omg that took so long to type bc I forgot where all the cyrillic letters were on the keyboard. Title translates to "When you're sad." I can understand bits here and there. Man, I should've gone to Russia, LOL. Mandarin is very hard to learn. Maybe I'll transfer within the company after a year, but damn, that'd be another bit of culture shock... might be better of going to a spanish-speaking country, where I'll at least be passable at the language. My current spanish level is around B2, which means I'd be able to function in society lol]

Gravitron (bonus track) by Lemon Demon [apparently this was a candidate to be the Gravity Falls theme song. I'm glad they settled on what they did, but this is a pretty fun song, lmao.]

Time Moves Slow by BADBADNOTGOOD, Samuel T. Herring [A sped-up version of this song is trending on TikTok rn bc it's associated with Adult Swim's interludes]

ラプス (Lapse or Lapus??) by Kinoko Teikoku [YES, I'm still on my Kinoko Teikoku kick. They're so freaking good. I'm starting to phase out of it bc I ran out of material. Sigh. Anyway, I'm reading some translations for these lyrics and they're so nice. In general, the lyrics I've read by this band are so sensitive and beautiful.

Also, here's an acoustic cover of the song— https : // www. youtube. com/ watch?v =cBBgof5Bpo4. If that doesn't work, you can look up the following on youtube: 【cover】ラプス / きのこ帝国.

For some reason, I can't find an actual recording on Youtube, so I think you'd need a VPN to access it.]

パラノイドパレード (Paranoid Parade) by Kinoko Teikoku [this is still my favorite song by them so far. The translations differ a lot, but mostly only in pronouns, which, you know... really change the meaning. The song seems to be about loss of youth, in some ways—nostalgia.

It concerns two people, an "I" and a "you." Apparently, in Japanese for some reason, the pronouns are not clear. I read one translation in which the entire first stanzas are mostly focused on the "I" of the story, doing most of the actions—kicking off "my" yellow sandals, on "my" way, "with my crazy delusions I go on dancing tonight."

("I kept feeling like I'd see you in town where you always were." This last line remains pretty much the same in meaning for every translation)

The only thing that remains inarguably "you"-directed is the last line in the stanza, "Everyone's gossiping about you, but I'm looking at you with wonder in my eyes." (the last clause is translated differently other times, as being "they look at you captivated" rather than reverting to the "I" subject]

I don't particularly like this translation (from kimonobeat)—personally. It doesn't make sense to me that it's focusing largely on the narrator if the nostalgia for their relationship/youth itself is sort of symbolized by (1) the "you" and (2) this idea of children crossing the crosswalk in a sad "procession."

Okay. Then another translation (lyrical-nonsense) instead focuses on the "you."

"Your blue one-piece dress with a floral print, your yellow sandals falling off
You drank too much along the way, and everyone’s gossiping about you
I had a feeling I’d be able to meet you on the same streets as always
You keep dancing again tonight with your foolish delusions"

I liked this more because, to me, it made sense that the "I" subject would be so focused on how the "you" subject looks and is moving. That said, I could see a justification for the narrator instead describing their own current state, of being sort of drunk. But then it doesn't make sense that in the last line, the subject suddenly becomes inarguably "you." If the "you" is already there, present along with the narrator, then wouldn't the narrator instead be describing them?

Then there's this other one, but it's in spanish (lyricstranslate) (the variety of english-translated lyrics is severely limited). It's largely the same, but there's a particularly interpretation that differs from the other two:

"En mis absurdos delirios, esta noche también seguíamos bailando"
I had to do this myself (not that I minded, I love translation stuff, obv):
--> roughly translates to "In my absurd delusions, tonight we kept dancing." "absurdo" and "delirio" might be false cognates, idk.
The translator (which, by the way, I LOVE that the translator left notes) said:

踊りつづける odoritsuzukeru (seguir bailando). Es solo mi interpretación de que no se refiere a que siga bailando solo, sino a que en sus fantasías están como cuando estaban juntos en ese verano, bailando.
--> this is not a direct translation, it's a bit adjusted, but: "It's just my interpretation, but I think this means not that she/he keeps dancing, but rather that in his/her fantasy, they are like when they were together that summer, dancing."

The other translations had either the "I" or "you" dancing alone. I like this translation a lot—it makes more sense to me. My only confusion is that it says "tonight" and then uses past tense. If it were instead translated to "Esa noche" it would be "that night," but it's not. Maybe it's more along the lines of, "In my stupid fantasy, we kept dancing tonight too" (the "too" makes all the difference). It just would make more sense if it said "seguiríamos bailando" (we would keep dancing). Anyway.

The translator also offered notes on the "procession of children" and the final lyric of the chorus, which is about people looking at the "you" subject and judging that person even as they are captivated (the first translation I mentioned instead interpreted this as the people looking on with judgement as the "I" subject looked on with wonder).


Anyway, I love this song. I've memorized some of the Japanese lyrics so I can sing along.]

Beautiful World by Parannoul [I ran a lot to this song this month. So nice to go through the woods, the dappled sunlight, listening to this.]

Cariño by The Marías [Very pretty song with a great bass line. Or is that guitar? Idk I can't tell. Cariño is a term of endearment (my mom sometimes uses it on me <3), means—not literally—darling or dear or honey. Literally, I guess it'd be an adjective for "cared for." My personal favorite translation is "darling"—I think it fits the vibe best.]

Girl meets NUMBER GIRL by Kinoko Teikoku [I'm kind of tired from all the translation discussion earlier, but the lyrics for this are lovely too. There's also some artwork that one translation website did? Also, I realized— a lot of these songs seem a little gay (specifically, sapphic?). Or a lot gay. It's a vibe. "Number Girl" is apparently an old Japanese pop-punk band from the 90s. The song is about sinking into fantasy on a long bus ride—god, the concept is just so nice... Also this band seems to really like the color blue.

The art for the translation is on "foreground noises."]

어쩌다 보니 (Someday) by DAY6 [I heard some of the chorus on TikTok and they were talking about how a different member sang it each time. I could only really listen to the song a couple times because of how produced it is. Sometimes K-pop reminds me a little of late 2000s pop/early 2010s pop.]

At it Again (Again) by Slow Pulp [not much to say about this song. Spotify recommended it. It's aight.]

night is young by yuragi [I don't remember why I put this song on my playlist LOL, but it has some pretty good jamming moments]

Kawaki wo Ameku by Sati Akura (cover of Minam) [LOL I find it so funny that I have this on my playlist because it's a Russian cover of a Japanese song. I think it actually sounds super pretty in russian. Also it sounds almost exactly like the original in terms of sound, imo. This song is the OP for a japanese anime that is borderline incestuous LOL. I've never watched it bc it didn't seem like the kind of drama/slice-of-life/romance I'd be into and people say it's bad (the kind that makes it hard to stop watching)

People compare this song to the OP for Tokyo Ghoul, and I definitely see it. They're both really intense, it's nice.]

Liking All Your Posts by Oscar Lang [Liv and I listened to this in her car]

Chicken by Parannoul [More Parannoul! Wall of sound.]

DEATHMETAL - Live by Panchiko [tbh sounds just like the remastered version lololol]

スクールフィクション (School Fiction) by Kinoko Teikoku [Welcome back to the stage, Kinoko Teikoku, lmao. This song seems to be about existential angst, although I don't know what school has to do with that]

Shame by Mitski [pretty instrumentals! haunting!]

I'm Not Your Dog by Baxter Dury [some cool synthy melodies, a Leonard Cohen-esque talk-sing vibe. I found it on TikTok. Also, I don't really like it, LOL.]

想像 (Fúzào - restless) by Faye Wong [This album is in Mandarin—oddly, this was hard to figure out, because there was conflicting information, and I wasn't sure if it was in Cantonese given that Faye Wong is from Hong Kong and had sung Cantonese pop before. But yeah, it's in Mandarin.]

OK that's all. The rest of the songs, I moved over to my next month's album :)