2021-07-03 20:35:03 (UTC)

The way life goes on sometimes

This is a pretty picture to follow a week of mourning; We are at my granddad's house. My grandmother's carer is packing her stuff to move to a new family's house to take care of a new client. My granddad, some of his brothers, and two of his sons-in-law (one of which is my dad) are watching the Denmark vs the Czech Republic match on the big screen while their wives are in the kitchen discussing granddad's life after this big change. My cousins have all gone home, my siblings still abroad, and I'm sitting at the dining table with my tea feeling rather serene and full of love.

I have my notebook diary with me that I'm about to sit and write in to catch up on a few events, but before I do I just wanted to capture this moment well. This feels like a feeling worth remembering.