no name
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2021-07-03 10:13:37 (UTC)


1. Am I someone's sim?
2. Reading (plot absorption)=summer break, watching (fun, more dramatic/entertaining bit)=school
3. Currently watching Haikyuu movies and series stuff and reading mha all those others i didn't get to finish before finding out they had anime adaptions.
4. Place alarm further away from me so that I can process why I woke up before I go back to sleep. If recent-me (not past-me, recent-me is smarter than that...most of the time) set that alarm for me to wake up, she probably had a good reason to.
5. Staying the same, not to be obsessive but it most definitely is an idea I'm obsessing about.
Those are my thoughts this morning. I really just wanted to elaborate on the sim thing but I needed the other ones to be noted before I forgot them all.

I had been feeling a bit like a sim due to the robotic way, robotic in my opinion, that I went through with my tasks this morning. It was nice though. Thoughts were just there and the body moved, like I mentioned yesterday. If only I could've started earlier without shutting down my poor alarm. The idea that I may be controlled by another person, or at least observed like a sim (Sims 4 otr. sim games) is cool. Not exactly unnerving. In fact, it's preferable.

To all who've read or skimmed to the end of this entry, and especially to all my Armin (🤭) stans, have a good day.