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2021-07-03 13:28:26 (UTC)


Saturday work.

Sunday my only day off. Will be heading to my cousins house after lunch. Uncle needs a new video downloader for youtube and i got a new one i use which ill give him. my cousin plays games so will ask him how to get me a copy of GTA V. i want the old fashion dvd. i don't like steam and shit. i don't have the luxory of a super fast internet connection nor the time to download huge ass files. its just ridiculous. They don't think about hey, what if the person can't download such heavy files. then what. fucking idiots. no gaming for them? so having to enjoy games means to have a good fast internet connection or youre screwed. i have a few games i enjoy which don't need heavy downloading. i still can install and run anytime no problem. good ol days.


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