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2021-07-03 11:34:22 (UTC)

It's all a game.

You know sometimes when someone you know is acting dodgy as Ozzyman says, if the sheila is being a massive cunt. Annnnddd they play you for an innocent fool spinning stories and you just stay quiet and take it all in.

Quiet so that you plan your next move. So that you can stay ten steps ahead of whatever bullshit they tell you. you agree nod your head and at the same time a smoke screen is placed so they can't see through your playing dumb. that they too believe that they are winning over you. That you are believing their words.

When you sit quiet the ones who are boastfull will speak more than they intend to. In that they also sometimes tell you their hidden motive. If you are listening carefully that is.

So yesterday i watched the movie Tomorrows War. Its long. It's something new. A few scenes towards the end were totally hilarious. Like when he goes to his friend to find out about the ash and the kid for the volcano. Their acting is fucking too good. The aliens looked amazing too. Deadly and kick ass. its a well balanced movie you know. Doesn't seem too fake and not over the top too. Story is good too. Unlike that Army of the dead and Without Remorse which totally sucked big time.