taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-07-03 04:04:19 (UTC)

shithousery of the highest order

3 things:

1) what a delight this year's team italy in the euro hath been. the attacking mindset - speed, transition - real heart of the champion type stuff. unlike any previous italian squad i can remember watching. entertaining. the vibe is pure. controversial game management tactics? yes plz!

2) my mom had this printed out picture in black and white (because it's a black and white printer) of my brother and his daughter laying out on their deck, side by side in a similar pose. she's pointing at the sky, maybe a plane. and it just looks so natural somehow. like parenthood and family life shit really agree with him... I've been thinking about it all day. it's a great picture. captures a moment. we haven't talked much lately because i'm a shit brotheREDIRECT. we haven't talked much lately because i've been tediously figuring out my own damn self between fluctuating neurological whims and ~*just vibin bro~*. i've been meaning to, reach out. what do youuu know about asddddd?

3) can't remember

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