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2021-07-02 20:00:33 (UTC)

Lessie luver 🌈

Lately, I've begun to start getting more turned on by women but only certain types of women and they are lesbian women.

It keeps crossing my mind, and I often dont just masturbate over thoughts of a man but women too.

I think, if it doesn't work out with Mr Builder, I'm going to explore women. And if it does work out with Mr Builder then I'll put it to him to see if he would like to enjoy another woman with me see what he thinks.

It's not uncommon in my large extended family to have bisexual and lesbian women. Three of my aunts (on mums side) are lesbians and been married for years to their female partners. However, one of my aunts went gay in her early 40's!!!


To be fair, ive had plenty of sexual experiences with women before in my twenties and early thirties. Just not sure if I can give up the dick....yeah, the best outcome is a fella that's mine and some playtime with a woman.

I love a lesbian 😋