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2021-07-02 18:44:31 (UTC)

Weekend shenanigans may commence! :D

What an absolute bloody splendid day I have had :))))) Super chill with today and Monday booked off work (using up holiday carried over from last year) got my nifty ladder out my perfectly sturdy amazingly built shed by Moi and my Daughter...Yeah! No 1 team! And sorted a few things and put them in my loft, wooo its breezy up there! Definitely need to convert that space to a fourth bedroom with an ensuite. Grins towards my Mr Builder!

We were chatting last night and he told me about his plans when his house sells (it's up for sale now) he is buying some land and building a house and large barn to make into his antique furniture repair shop/barn. He is open to buying land nearer to me, he is like a calm flowing consistent stream of comfort and funny stuff. He works soooo hard too, talented guy. I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night, we're getting a Chinese takeaway in and watching a movie...weeeyheeeey! LOL. He is definitely going to make a move, I just know it. It's been building and Phil says, this is a really good thing. That this is how the best lasting relationships begin, slowly.

I like it that not once have we had a crossed or misunderstood word. He respects women (after raising his daughters) he understands women and has that attentiveness that is super comforting. He does make me feel safe, really safe. And despite my fire and need for risk, it is not the type of risk that puts my lifestyle or myself in danger, I like fun risks with someone or people I feel safe with. We take the risks together.

Phil reckons he is a silent bomb, LOL, he says he is like this, a gentleman and takes his time but when she lets him near her, BOOM!


Mr Builder is now calling me, "Baby". Normally I very much dislike any man calling me "babe" or "baby" unless he is my other half or my romantic interest. So fact, Mr Builder is calling me "Baby" converts from an insult to compliment because it is coming from him :)

The Psychiatrist, went loopy fucknut crazy once again, reciting random shite. Yeeeeeah, ummm! Nah, don't think so.....

The other Johnny asked to chat to me tonight - I am not that bothered by him, I'm kinda swaying gradually towards Mr Builder, he is the type of man I want in my life. Made my dating profile invisible again, see how this weekend goes, might be deleting it. :)