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me and my life
2021-07-02 08:42:19 (UTC)

Random upsetness

You know sometimes you feel upset for no particular reason, am feeling same right now. Its not that I don't have any reason to be upset i have ample reasons to be upset about but I don't it suddenly has hit me and am feeling low. G had video called me but I missed it. He'll be in India on 10th July He did not mention when he will meet me though neither did I ask.
Am feeling really sad that am trying hard and my best in many ways but things are not working out. even small failures hit me but I try to be positive. I don't know if you know but there is sometimes a phase in life where nothing is working out and there is no way out at that time all you can do is wait, be patient and let the time/phase pass just like Corona, you cannot do much about it but wait to let it pass hahaha....
My life has been confined to Netflix, home, naisha and workouts. Am worried but i let it go.
Today i plan to do glass painting for like 100% not gonna procrastinate and make a vlog too yepiee... today i tried to vlog on my vaccination but sadly I dint get the vaccination it was OFS anyways...Now ill go for lunch to eat crabs and try to make my day happening yuhooo cyaaa