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2049-08-08 20:43:00 (UTC)

Written The Stars: July 1, 2021: Episode Highlights:

Episode 64:
Clip: Tricia is a third Treasurer of 2021 Summer President School Year:

Clip: Margarita Bella didn't get the valedictorian because of the mean girls:

Clip: Maggie pours juice for Margarita Bella's belongings:
At School: Classroom: Margarita sits alone doing her classwork and Mariana and her friends are joining for the class group:
Mariana L: Margarita Bella? What's wrong? Do you win?
Margarita Bella: (to Mariana L angrily) Maggie beat for the valedictorian so much!
Mariana L: So, you are gonna beat Maggie right?
Margarita Bella: Yeah. What about her.
Joshua K: Don't worry Margarita Bella, you will win for the valedictorian next time.
Margarita Bella: (To Josh K smiles) I will.
(Maggie and her friends entering the classroom and Maggie is holding the orange juice)
Joshua K: Is Maggie your friend? (points to Maggie)
Margarita: Eww. She stealed my 1st place.
(Maggie pours juice to Margarita's bag, and Maggie and her friends laughing at Margarita)
Margarita Bella: (looks at my stained bag, and drops my bag in the floor) Maggie! What the fuck did you do in my bag?! (Lashed to my tears again)
Clip: Daisy cleans Margarita Bella's backpack for what Maggie did:

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