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2021-07-01 07:36:05 (UTC)

New things 😊

It's a new month. Not just any new month because there are a few new things going on here. First of course is I woke up to a new day. Got another day to make whatever it is I want to make of it.

Of course, I can't help but realize it's payday!! Yeah baby!!! I get paid once a month so it's nice that I see my checking account refueled with $$$$ again to help keep my lifestyle flowing. Also, it's the first day of our new pay scale. Our furlough days should now be gone and we get our full pay again along with our raises that was originally stifled due to the economy but more so by poor budgeting by the Gov. But today is the day we get all that back again. So while I won't see it in the paycheck, I will on the next. We're talking around a 12.5% raise give or take. Cha-ching baby. I know money can't make the world go around but it gets me to smile and even a slight semi :) hehe.

My truck finally is about to reach the 500 mile mark since I got my differential modified. This means have to get it flushed and no more 30 min driving restrictions. No more 55 mph limitations. I can pull my kayak trailer again and I can now go 4 wheeling if I want to. I couldn't for awhile till the differentials were broken in and it now has.

Yesterday, I got to go to an earlier session and it was a small class. Coach teamed me up with two new members. Their first day! Wow! I remember my first week. Can't forget because there was a lot of pain involved that week. 😱 While it's nothing for me now or at least maybe I'm used to it. It wasn't so easy the first week I joined this gym. I still recall steering my car home hurt and we're not talking old school steering with no power steering. I already had power steering. You younger kiddos may not ever heard but there used to be cars without power steering 😱 Anyway, I chatted with them a bit and made them feel comfortable and as relaxed as can be. Plus I'm pretty social anyway so we all did just fine.

I've decided to join the next 6 week challenge at our gym. They have a few types. One for power gain, the other for weight loss. I'm choosing the latter. I want to lose about 12 lbs. If I tried (meaning polishing up my diet), I could lose 15 maybe? This would mean cutting down the intake on my vino so we shall see. Easier said than done.

There are also new positions at work. It's a promotion too but it's a position that's not so technical anymore. It would be a position where you'd be the liaison between the customer and the Engineers. So while you have to know the Engineering lingo, you won't be touching the techie stuff anymore. Not sure I want to do that even if the job was just handed over to me. Still, something new to consider and it's more cannot-make-the-world-go-around stuff but money is money.

I even had a sexy dream last night. I rarely get those. Talk about safe sex. I guess this would be the safest sex you can have. hehe. So rare to have one considering how my mind is but hey, not gonna complain.

Sitting up in bed again already with my hot cup of coffee. Doing a partial zen relaxation moment but not so easy when you just got paid and already thinking of the weekend. BTW, I got invited to a motorcycle race in a nearby city this Friday and a bunch of us will be going down the American river this Saturday to have a leisure float down the river. Not sure if I'm going to the river float.Never did that before. I've kayaked, fished, and kayak fished that river lots of times but never just float down the river in a float hanging with friends. I'll see how I feel this weekend but at least we got stuff planned so I won't be able to say I'm bored with nothing to do.

Haven't been feeling any soreness this week from our workouts. I've been doubling up on the glutamine and it's really helped. Or, I may have been slacking and took it down a notch at the gym so I'm not sore at all. One or the other. Not complaining at all. Nice to sit on the toilet without having to whimper from sore hamstrings. That's it for now. Don't forget to smile. It's contagious and a lot better to look at than those masks. If you still have to wear masks where you are, to be you😈. Just kidding..not kidding.

BTW, The original bet I placed for the boxing match? I locked in for 320 for Manny. Now it's dwindled down a lot which is good news from me. Now if you bet on Manny, it's only 190. This means he's not such and underdog anymore and I still get paid my 320 if he wins or should I say when he wins. Gonna be a good day come Aug 21st.