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2021-07-01 14:14:00 (UTC)

MLB Dodgers July 1 Photos:

Nationals Park
Photos Shown:
• Team Dodgers Pumped Up
• Team Dodgers Warmup
• Paulina Fessia did the great job for her cold afternoon
• Kim Estrada wearing her Dodgers Team Jersey Ready.
• Team Nationals vs Team Dodgers Danceoff until the Game starts
Top 1-9:
Top 1 Dodgers:
Top 2 Dodgers:
Top 3 Dodgers:
Top 4 Dodgers:
Top 5 Dodgers:
Top 6 Dodgers:
Top 7 Dodgers:
Top 8 Dodgers:
Top 9 Dodgers:
Final Results Photos:

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