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2021-07-01 13:25:23 (UTC)

Johnny's Client: Pedo 1

The evening conversation continued last night with the Psychiatrist. It makes a lot of difference when you merge texting with phone calls too and begin to get a better picture of someone. It does seem to matter what someone's voice is like, you can pick up a lot about the person and the way they use language by doing so.

It would seem my original assumption of Johnny the Psychiatrist as possibly BEING a patient in the secure psychiatric hospital for offenders is not a patient, lol, but there is no doubting those people in the hospital and his time working in Belmarsh and Wandsworth Prison with offenders has definitely coloured his mind and opened it too. He decided to go into the Secure psychiatric hospital because working in the prisons he was unable to spend much time with the prisoners due to cell time.

I was fortunate enough to hear about one of the offenders and what Johnny does in his daily work as he asked to call me (again, lol). I said he was needy as he can't leave me alone, lol. Alway's texting and calling, I want to share what he told me about the pedophile, one of the offenders who has spent the last nine years in the psychiatric hospital.

But first, it would seem Johnny is has fallen for me. We haven't even met yet, and we dont exchange photos as we're not whatsapping, we're only texting! The only photos he has is from my dating profile, but you can see my whole body on there, dressed of course. He is bewitched he told me, he prefers curves on a woman, I am not a fat curvy, I am just curvy. Quite a lot of men prefer curvy women, from what I've experienced since being on the dating scene. I cannot remark from before then, as I was always in long term relationships.

Johnny is a very comical guy, and straight forward and he asked me, "Can you have children still?" I told him, I can but I am not having anymore. He said, "I want one with you." I said we're not having babies. He said, "I am in love with you." I told him he isn't. He said, "I am," I said, you're not. He said, "We will marry and have children." and then he said, "I like you, like beans on toast." and "You're a beautiful woman, with a beautiful voice."

Smh... I am not making anymore babies, no way.

Anyway, so while we were chatting earlier I asked him about the patients on his ward and he told me about one guy.

This guy is today only 41 years old. As a kid, he was sexually and emotionally abused by his father and grandfather for many years. When he arrived at the secure psychiatric hospital he arrived in a cage on the wheelie thing with three prison officers from the court. He had his guitar with him and a sack and in his sack was his art and poetry.

Johnny was first there with a colleague to meet him when he arrived and after the paperwork and other bits were sorted he was taken into a room to speak with Johnny and a few other colleagues. The offender was admitted to the psychiatric hospital straight from the court, due to the Judge believing he was not mentally fit for prison life.

The offender was sectioned because he babysat his sister's two seven-year-old daughters and raped both of them.

During the conversation with the offender, Johnny told me he was utterly unhinged, for the first half-hour or so he was bouncing off walls, hyper and delusional (likely due to the drugs administered) - people in mental institutions are not meant to get better, they are kept on medication for the monetary gain for the hospital. Anyway, after the pedo offender calmed down somewhat he asked Johnny if he would like to hear him play his guitar. And Johnny thought, Oh here we go again! Mentioning usually they cannot play a note in tune, but he said when this offender played his guitar it was so beautiful and so enthralling he thought he should be a famous musician it was that good.

After he finished playing the guitar he asked, "Would you like to see my art?" and showed Johnny his art, and then said, "I write poetry too. Want to see it?" and Johnny said, "yes". Again, when Johnny sees the art and reads the poetry he thought it was so incredibly well mastered that the man's work should be on gallery walls and his poetry published. He said he is very intelligent.

The thing is the offender uses these exact techniques to get people close to him and then he pounces on them, whether it is man, woman, child or animal. He has no sexual boundaries, and Johnny said even nine years later he still lures new staff with his guitar music and poetry and art to get them softened and vulnerable and then grabs their boob, crotch or dick.

The offender went on to tell Johnny that he isn't fussed about who he rapes, what gender or age. That he even penetrated his dog!! Johnny, asked, "You penetrated your dog?" and the offender replied all blase, "Yes, but it didn't feel as nice as children do." He is known to be very erratic and unpredictable often jumping staff members for sexual gratification.

Oh, during the first meeting when he arrived they moved into the canteen area and another offender met the pedo offender and when the other offender went to shake his hand, the pedo offender put his hand under the table and grabbed the guys balls! The offender tried to punch the pedo and the pedo shouted, "If he hits me, I'm jumping out the window and killing myself!" So Johnny, said, "Good luck with that mate, they only open two inches!" So the pedo pulled his cock out onto the table and poured tomato ketchup all over his dick! LMAO....Fuckin' mental case!

Johnny, mentioned he often takes some of the offenders out, they have to have a few colleagues attend but he took this particular offender to a Christmas pantomime once (keeping him at a distance from children) and the offender began sobbing in the theatre, with memories plaguing him.

Johnny said it's a very sad fact that men and others like him will never be able to live a normal life because of the abuse he suffered as a child and that he had passed the barrier and reenacted the same acts done to him to others. He will be inside the psychiatric system forever.

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