By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-07-01 16:14:11 (UTC)

We don't own the land.

We don't own shit. Humans have this thing where we believe we are privileged to have certain shit all ready for us to consume. Like our asses are the center of everything. The plants and tress which grow are there for us and only us and nobody else.

i was watching the discovery channel and it was a show on natural disasters. the name itself is wrong. its only a disaster because our ego says so. When you fuckers level off entire forests, murder entire colonies of insects and animals you would never see again... for your fancy rich out from the country vacation homes thats a fucking natrual disaster too but hey we humans rite...we can do anything we want.

So there were a bunch of tornados which destroyed a lot in 2011 in the great states of the america. loss of life is sad. but what pissed me off is when the town people kept saying my town, and kept making it all about themselves. the loss of life was human as well as for other animals. But these guys just made it clear that the tornado was the reason for their loss. It never occured to them to be humble enough to realize that they were in the way of the tornado.

The tornado wasn't malicious. It didn't have the human traits of being mean and cruel. Yet people always associate natural happenings with human traits. They need an escape goat. Blame everyone and everything except their own selfish behavior.