Becoming quietly confident
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2021-07-01 04:05:20 (UTC)

So no fight, at least not yet

Why does my husband have to be so dang rational about everything. I’m kidding. Mostly. It would help though if sometimes he just got mad and we got to the bottom of it.

He did ask about the bathroom floor. I told him I was tired of it being like it was and it was time, this summer, this month, to get it fixed.

He said ok, ‘let’s get three bids’. I am leery of this answer we have been down the three bids road before. It is one of the ways he stalls. And when he says “let’s” he means “you”. So I guess I will and I won’t say another word until they are booked and I will plan them all to show up on his days off. And meanwhile I’m going to keep pulling up vinyl flooring. We may yet have our fight when he realizes I’m serious or when the bathroom has finally been demolished. Or maybe, just maybe he will surprise me. Dear God may he surprise me, may he be up for the challenges in life, may we finally be able to move forward! I can hope. But after nearly 10 years of this being awful I am leery of hope.

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