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2021-06-30 20:42:16 (UTC)

Funny Ole Day...Who’s sex?

Crazy weirdo shit that I enjoy so much has rained down on me today with Johnny, the psycho psychiatrist. Oh, yes! He has drowned me in so much mind-bending fuckery that I have enjoyed very much fuckerying him back. LOL.

I know, I make up words, but soooooooo what! I know what I mean, fuck da word poo-lice.

What haven't we spoken of today leaves not much left for much else; if anybody read our messages, they would be confused and bewildered at how two humans could converse in such a way and understand what the other was saying. Lol, it was total gkshjahfjafjahfjfja.
As he tried to infiltrate me, I did so back to him. As he toyed with white lies, I too toyed back, and it just kept going. He would say a lengthy thing throughout many points then add at the end as though it was undetectable, "I am in love with you" and "I have fallen" .....When I called him out on it with my rolling eyes, he would say, "Can you not feel it?" And "You want me to, don't you?" To which I would say, "Nope" and "I am not in love with you".

And just as I was about to leave the conversation as I have a life to be getting on with, lol, he then called me.

He made me laugh a lot, and his confidence was electric, sexy voice, and, well, superficially, the way he looks is what has held some interest too, as he looks very similar to the actor Theo James but an older version of him, lol. Anyhow, he would like us to see each other. He's a Londoner. I'm not sure I want to see him even if he is beautiful and packing and got brains.

Mr Builder has been solid as always, usual texting throughout the day, evening. He did tiling today and fitted an oven.

My demon cat caught her first mouse today in the garden. She was proud of herself, and I was proud of her too, but I made sure the French doors were CLOSED! Lol.....It's my kitty's 1st year birthday on Friday. Woot Woot....She turns evil at night; it's the black in her white, tonight was no exception, pouncing at me from beneath my bed, and I almost regurgitated my heart through my mouth. Mother Fucka! Needless to say, she gets to sleep on the bed in the spare bedroom once again. She is a shithead, but I do like the bitch in her; she is sassy but never claws or bites me, just pounces at such speed and furiously it catches me off guard. Because I am the Mama Kitty, she is going through her stages of trying to overpower the Mama of the pack - not happening.

I have not spoken to Adonis today, but he wants to eat my vagina.
Neither replied to Ed, as Ed got ultra horny last night and wanted to make a scenario, but I was too tired to engage.

Phil is buzzing! It's going so well with his new woman. It is super early days. However, he is still updating me, and I am giving him tips on "how to" because usually, Phil goes in too enthusiastically and full-on, so he has been doing what I suggested, and it's been working. :D Good stuff. I am pleased for him.

I have a new guy on WhatsApp, too; his name is Johnny, too, lol. Welllllll sexy! He is super spiritual, and although I haven't been going on the dating app, I popped in to satisfy the psychiatrist's request to see if I received his message as it would seem the dating app has restricted him. And while I checked that, I see this other Johnny's message and thought, "Phwoooar!" So I just sent a message to his loooooong lovely intro to me with my number and said WhatsApp me, as I dont log in to the app much anymore. He did. We're texting. He thinks I am mysterious. He is right, LOLOLOL