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2021-06-30 01:08:55 (UTC)

I don't believe in brands.

Fortunately my family ain't that rich to have spoiled me with branded wear. Or maybe we all brought up this way. I dunno.. I've never owned a single branded clothing or fashion product ever. From clothes to wallets to watches to shoes.

So my friend shared this picture of thin long so called jacket. Transparent. With some floral design. It was for over three grand. She said but it's Ritu Kumar. I said brand means shit. Literally it does. If I give a curtain to my tailor he will do me a better job at less than half the price.

I've bought shoes from the small shops on the street which look good and lasted for years all my life. Why would I ever pay triple the price for a brand which basically does the same. I believe in practical. Not the name. Value for money is more important than the name. If the one dollar pencil writes as well as the thousand dollar branded hand crafted one. Then explain to me why would I waste my money on the brand. A pencil is used to write. It does the fucking job. End of story.

Brand comes with ego. Bigger the ego more we have to pay. We have to show off to the world. Look how fabulous we are. To hide the empty shit fucked reality we live in.

If brand brings you luxury then yes it makes sense to buy. But when something we use daily like clothing and bags and shoes there are so many different options to chose from.