If I die today
2021-06-30 07:01:20 (UTC)

feeling the heat

I'm not feeling so hot right now alothou better than about 10min ago I think i'm just getting hit by the heat althou its presently 83ish outside the temps hit 110' yesterday and didnt really let up the AC kept us around 85ish so IDK. Been up since 5 this morning had a dream last night about moving in a house/type thing with fClif and then tryingin my head in the dream to remind myself I live here now. IDK its something weird. Anyhow I walked the dofg 20min or so then stretched I was gonna try back walking to store since yesterday the ATM was down but I really dont feel to great about that right now. I should probally work on making nDea's tuna fish soon in case I lay down and lunch time creeps up on me. I have some back pain and tirednes and neasue and an allergy sinusy headache but it was much more windy than I was prepared for on our walk so thats a clue. Today if I left theres not too much to offer. I'm thankful for my friends amd their endurance patience with me and sometimes more acceptance than i exspect. Anyhow I think I need to head for a nap but I wanna get a lunch prepared first althou lunctime is hours away I think I can easily get too comfy napping today.not sure whats with me maybe the heat. Todaay is projected to be cooler than yesterday but still a heat warning about in the 100's

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