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2021-06-30 03:16:43 (UTC)

Last night's dream ☺️

Last night, I had a pretty nice dream. Of course it involves a woman. She was sitting on a table. May have been in an office or restaurant. She had sorta blond hair and I was walking pass her from behind. She still saw me on her left side with her peripheral vision and I was walking past her but making a turn so that she'd see me on her right. I saw her look to her left and as I passed her by on the right, she already anticipated it and was already looking to her right and once we had eye to eye contact, she smiled at me obviously flirting just a bit. I could tell she was of Spanish decent. That's all that happened. Feels nice that I still can dream dreams like that. It tells me my soul is not dead yet. Maybe it is but somewhere deep inside me, I still must believe.

Then I had another dream of my boy. He was in his bedroom and somehow I was there at his Mama bear's house. No one else was home otherwise I'd probably get some heat about it. I greeted him and when I saw his face, I could tell he was crying being red and all. I said hi. He looked up and he either was upset I wasn't around for 4 years or he didn't recognize me. Both scenarios is bad. Anyway, I felt I didn't have a lot of time since it wasn't my home I was in. In addition, I was gone for a long time.

All I could tell him that it was me..Dad. No life lessons to say since I didn't see him for so long and I could feel I wasn't going to be seeing him for awhile after this meet. So with the 5 min I had, I told him that I was proud of him. He has such a good heart and I'm glad that I was able to install that in him. I also told him that I loved him so I did what I could with the 5 min I had with him.

BTW, gym had a good station and bad one too. Bad was elbow planks!! Really? I did just have a hook in my elbow and now coach wants me to do elbow planks meaning a lot of weight on my elbows? Pffft. The good was jump ropes and slam balls (all in one station). Both of those are my favorite and I can light that up.

That's all I got for tonight. Smile everyone :) If you wake in the morning, don't waste it and make something of yourself:)