Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-06-29 22:36:27 (UTC)

Return of the Psycho-trist 🤯

LMFAO.....he thinks he is unravelling me. "Like a tiny flower"..... Lol, okaaaaaay then. He only gets what he is given, this is fun.

This is rather entertaining and quite amusing. Apparently, he is calling me tomorrow. I've been a little bit cunty and sarcastically nice. He says, "I like you".....he also remarked confidently, " You're falling in love with me"......

Oh dear God! Give me strength.

Ed is jealous and telling me psych-trist is a bore and instead come back to him because he needs me. I told Ed, sarcastically "It's late, and im too old," he said im not, and we're fire.


Phil, who dumped his 22-year-old virgin. Took my advice and got on the dating scene and already met a woman, and they've been chatting for the last two days. He is updating me almost hourly, LOL

Adonis is a always. We consistently purposefully annoy each other and have wordplay bitch wars. Quite fun 🤭

Mr builder is still safe and cool beans. We agreed to get a Chinese takeaway in this weekend, and he said, "Looking forward to getting cosy with you and a movie on the sofa" My vagina pulsed.

Psycho-trist reckons he could teach me new tricks in the bedroom and his minimum of orgasming is twenty minutes....and mostly 4-5 hours.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever 🙄