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2021-06-29 09:01:27 (UTC)

Fun night🍷

It was a good night last night after gym. Went to a micro brewery nearby called Burning Barrel. Although I"m not a beer drinker anymore, they did have some nice brews. I only drank a couple of beers since I was driving and as I suspected we would do, we closed the place down. hehe. It's not as late as you think. maybe they closed at around 8PM since it's only a microbrewery and they don't serve food. We did bring our own food as we were well prepared for that and we called to see if it was ok and it was.

I also got to see my gym brat sister (At least that's what I think of her). The one with the same name as my ex gf. hehe. We give each other a hard time but we actually get along well. She's not at the gym anymore because she thought the gym would fold due to covid but it's still there. Had to close a few gyms but the ones that are still up are alive and kicking. Growing in membership. I asked if she was coming back and she may. Anyway, it was a good night hanging out with the gym peeps. Even Mr gym came but he behaved so it was all good.

I did have two dreams last night. I'll talk about that on another post. I guess they are worth jotting down for me to remember. Otherwise, it's time to get some coffee then maybe start working. Gonna be a hot day again today. Not triple digits but a high of 98°. Hot enough to drain me prematurely during gym class.