If I die today
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2021-06-29 07:22:52 (UTC)

worked out

I may have failed to note that Sunday was my last DTE day I was starting to get some cncerning pain near the bellybutton area into the right side and the thought of appedncitis and the hospital concerns me. so I didnt finish the 10days just in case althou it could be a # of things bothering the stomach. Anyhow thats over. I worked out this morning inside to one video still feeling cramped but did the best I could. Already walked the dog bee awake since 5 tryin to get it together. Talked again about july 4 and nDea said if I want to go he will go with me so I am letting her know we will stop by for a few. I said since the possibly of rolling power aoutages and the dog (overheating if the ac goes out) we might not be able to stay too long. Tha also gives us an out. IDK how everyone will react if they react to his age or his smoking or cursing or whatever bad habbits he has but I'm not gonna muffle him this is it. If my friends are uncomfortable with him then well thats that I still love him. Its hot out already exspecting temps in to 115ish range today. We ate fast food last night so for dishes I dont have much to do. Sandwithces for lunch today. We went grcoery shopping it sucked. Didnt use my list screw it. Anyhow this diary is way off topic but its some nice insights into my life. maybe it'll leave something to offer when I split this life alothou I gotta hang in ther I stilll wanna hit 120 to piss off those who want me to perishbut at the smae time I'm gonna need endurance for this [email protected] just soo much BS in this world and drama stupidy and blah blah blah. but I need endurance. I read some last night my impression about me personally if I had to take away something from what I read was that I just dont things seriously. Maybe I need to be more serious about living and well about what I believe. Well I gueess thats all to say for now