By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-06-29 18:49:53 (UTC)

Humans don't fit in.

After watching plenty of documentaries on nature i have some thoughts.

The hippo, secrets its own sun screen protection substance from its skin to protect itself from the harsh UV rays of the sun. It has it's own sun screen. Something we pay hundreds of dollars every year to buy.

The small lizard in the desert can absorb water through its skin

There is an small octopus living in the shallow reefs with the toxic capability to kill more than 20 adults.

the komodo dragon has venom in it's saliva to mortally wound its prey

the cod fish living up in the artic has its own anti freeze in its blood system so that its insides don't freeze up swimming in such low temperatures.

Bioluminance. The ability to naturally produce light. Fireflies are perfect examples. We can't do shit without electricity.

An ant can lift upto 50 times its weight, without hitting the gym. Lazy ass humans fucking can't even climb a flight of stairs to work.

I can go on and on......

Each animal has evolved a certain set of skills pertaining to it's enviornment so that it can survive. Any life form. From the microscopic to the giants of the land. Every animal you examine close enough. Is a fucking marvelous work of nature. Brilliant i say.

Take us humans. Aren't we out of place. If we remove our intellect, then we are just a bunch of hairless monkeys with anxiety. You pluck the office going human and put him in the forest to survive that motherfucker won't survive a day without his gadgets and comforts of life. You pick up and ant and place him elsewhere he will make his way back to his nest or die trying.

If we take the path down the whole creation paradigme then if your god created humans as his best work, literally i cannot see how tha'ts possible. Every animal i've listed above can out match any human ability. We can't naturally produce light and best we can do is fart to ward of irritating humans.

It's like nature has evolved on it's own. Took millions of years to get everything tweaked jsut about right. And then suddenly humans are added to the mix. An extra ingredient which literally fucks up everything it comes in contact with. If your god created humans to look after the other animals...we doing a bang up job for sure.

Nature hasn't gifted us with naturally producing agents. So we make our own synthetic ones. Then we get greedy and think we own the town. Forgetting that without this extra tech, we are nothing.

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