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2021-06-28 15:00:54 (UTC)

Got my 30 min of glory🥳

I completed yesterday's big project without a hitch. So in today's Engineering mtg, I had to thank the people that helped me and of course I got all the accolades for doing such a good atta-boy job. Do I get more money? Nope. Do I get time off for the hrs I spent last Sunday? Nope. I did however get my 30 min of fame. So yeah...woohoo and yippee!!! Not. Barely got my eyebrow to lift. Even Spock would've reacted more than I did.

The fun part was after work and after gym. We went to this micro brewery called Burning Barrel. Great beer if you're into beer. Gym peeps were there and even an ex gym peep was there with her hubby. She was fun. Back in the day, I gave her a hard time because her name was the same as my ex gf's name that I just broke up with. I gave her a hard time about it. Told her things like "Tell you Mom they picked a dumb name for her kid when she was born". I told her she should consider changing her name and all that stuff. But you time she grew on me and we had this weird special friendship bond. Sigh...Instead of telling her this, I told her in my own way that she's ok and I'll tolerate her and that she can hang with us "cool kids" because I now give her permission to do so. hehe.

Tonight was a good night. Today was a pretty good day actually. Drama free and more socializing going on which I sorely missed for the longest time. So... life is good. Now I'm home safe and sound.

This Friday, I finally get near my 500 mile mark for my truck differential and they'll flush the system meaning from then on, I can stop babying my truck. No longer limited to 30 min drives. No more limits of 55 mph. No more towing restrictions. Yay!!! Final----effing---yeah -baby!!!!! I missed two camping trips because of this. After Friday, I finally will be able to hit the pedal to the metal if I chose to do so.

Life is good :) Elbow fish one day is doing fine. Didn't even feel it in gym class today. Doesn't look infected or at least my rookie prognosis says it isn't. Today was nice. Smiling like a village idiot :)

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