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2021-06-29 00:43:41 (UTC)

Big dick on us, T

"It's gone past 1 am in the morning (made up lyrics, lol)
And its starting to get liiiight,
But I'm right where I wanna be
Losing track of time
But I wish that it was still last night........"

That was a little bit edited, lol.....I used to sing that song in my bedroom as a kiddo—such a soppy moo.

So, I have been a good girl with Mr Builder so far, unsexualised (first time ever) and gave him power. I'm so used to making all the decisions I needed to learn to let go, follow the mojo of my flow, lol. I've not once offered to pay half, even though I felt it right, I did, I didn't. Let him be the man, I thought; men need to feel they can bring something to the table. Let him lead the flirtation, let him make a final decision after a suggestion, just ride on the breeze, T.

So, I have and low and behold. I finally get treated like a human, a woman, not a vagina. However, my vagina is very nice and very needy, and so is my bottom, my lips and my boobies and my unsavoury desires and fantasies, so they still matter lots and lots, and they will have their day soon...

What keeps skipping through my mind, though, is what if he kisses me and I hate the way he kisses me? Or worse, I feel no chemistry? Omg, HOW awkward would that be, and I KNOW me, and I KNOW I will not be dainty about it; I won't be able to hold back on the, "I'll just fetch your coat and shoes because I'm bored and hungry" line again...Ah, that was so cruel when I did that to the property developer year before last. I cannot keep a disliking of someone into a box of niceties. I want them gone, and they're going.

And then what if....he kisses nice, and I feel chemistry and then want to jump his bones and fuck him hardcore, and he has a really disappointing dick??? Oh dear god! Venus will be on my shit list...I'll even shit in her mouth. Just so not faaaaaair!

I am not going to say these things are going to happen. I'm not jinxing myself and causing my vagina to bleed its death of despair. Pleeeaaaaaseeee, please, you beautiful fuckers up there, I've helped you out enough, now give me the honour of a scrumptious fat cock to go with his lovely self. PLEASE.


And if it turns out the man has a micro dick, I am putting on my leather mini dress with slits all down the sides and nothing else underneath and taking myself down to the nearest d/s club to get flogged slapped, chained, and fucked till I stink of sex.

And then I'll have a nice long shower and get back in the loop once more to meet my man.

Big dick, big dick, big dick, big dick.......ta, thank you very much. Ciao x

Oh, my daughter has thrown a spanner in the works, being sent home to isolate for ten days because of a spotty Kid with COVID sitting behind her in class, FFS. Any way she took a test - negative. So she will still be going to her dads this weekend. So, it turned out alright because, in the end, she doesn't have Covid, and now I dont have to make that monotonous thirty minute journey to her school four times a day for the next ten days...whooooppppie!!

If those cunts in government even try to push any more jabs on me like boosters or the likes, I am not doing it. They got me having the two jabs, and that's their lot; now they can fuck off. I cannot wait for the coming day where our government will be entirely overhauled and will no longer exist in any countries. It is coming, I've seen it. The world is going to be governed in a whole new light, and well, for all those people who say, "I' will never have kids and bring them into this shithole of a world", you may want to rethink because they are going to have a better life than all of us before them.

I went off on one again.

Ciao xx