Ruby’s healing journey
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2020-10-16 18:54:25 (UTC)

When my life begins

It sounds like a Disney Princess quote when my life begins but that what it feels like if I just stop seeing my parents for a year that abused me and still kinda do my life will begin but my therapist doesn’t think that I feel like she’s been using reverse psychology to mess with my brain I know I’m disabled but I just want to be free from them so I’m trying my mood seems to go up and down about whether I see them but they disrespect it’s just I have mood problems for there not what people would think there also normal parents my mom washes my clothes my dad gave me body scrub I’m so knotted in with them kinda codependent I need to stop and wash the clothes idk I am posting this here I think I want someone that see fairytales sense a young age make believe Somwhere that if I’m not magically saved it doesn’t matter but I have to stop believing this

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