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2030-11-26 18:49:00 (UTC)

Pink's Hot Dogs Shit Or Fuck Podcast:

Monday June 28:
Pink's is so simple and iconic. Really good comfort food.

I've been here before last time in the area and had to return today. The line wasn't too bad perhaps due to the pandemic. You could see the markers down the street for a block so I know this place gets hecka busy.

I had the Brando dog which is a chili dog with onions, mustard, and cheddar cheese. Apparently it is the one Marlon Brando loved and was a regular customer here so they named it after him. The dog was delicious and had a nice snap when you bite into it. Very flavorful and yummy! They also have burgers, onion rings, fries, etc.

I ate outside in the outdoor patio that was set up for the pandemic with frequent sanitizing stations and dedicated staff that constantly kept the area clean and sanitized. I was impressed by their attention to the Covid rules.

There are plenty of photo opportunities at Pink's with hot dog themed murals and lots of celebrity photos. I ended up buying a t shirt here to take back with me to Seattle as a souvenir.

Check out Pink's when in the area, it's a must!
Real Podcast:
So, while we're waiting for the Dodgers Game, and my girl baseball teammates are straving to get some hot dogs and having a photoshoot with the girls and we have lots of lots of Brando Hot dogs and we have a lot of artworks and pictures too.