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2021-06-29 00:35:24 (UTC)

What makes a man.

The code. What is his code. It's all that matters.

Inspired from the movie Transporter. He has rules. He follows. Then also the movie Wrath of a Man. Magnificant movie. Same actor. it's like he was born to play the role.

If you have a certain way of doing things you follow with all of your soul and not for the fame or to impress. You do it cause it's something you strongly believe in. You follow them silently. Without tweeting about it. it makes you stronger and makes you more focused. Works better than any motivational mumbo jumbo out there. Most of the rules are fairly simple. Nothing fancy. Its in this that makes them so powerful and brings you closer to your goal.

Just have a look on youtube. So many fake youtubers out there. They are so flashy in their talks. In their videos.

I have my own rules. I don't forgive or forget. I don't believe in jail time for the guilty. I believe in tit for tat. There is no difference between Vengance and Justice. From today's world i've learned that Justice is what we use when the rich have the authorities in their pockets. Trial, bail and after months it's just forgotten or the people lose interest....Always happens. I've lost hope in the justice system of the world.

Then come the plain and simple ones. No none sense. Just to the point and mostly they are the ones who are most valuable to you. They may not be the most popular but to get the job done they never miss their mark.

currently listening to Fafners Gold by Amon Amarth.