By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-06-29 00:16:05 (UTC)

Music Therapy.

Currently listening to Berserker by Amon Amarth.

Saturday morning i got my vaccine shot. Afternoon i felt drowsy and slept. By dinner time i was out for the day. Had an apple and took a pill to control the fever which was fast approaching. That night was bat shit crazy suck ass as i tossed and turned. Next day no fever but i was weak. So i did what i knew would work for me. Put on some music and let the riffs and the guitar solos do their magic. And i found my magic pill in the band and their music. So i decided with some help to keep my diary in their name.

Its always been metal music that saved my ass from bouncing off the walls. No motivational quotes sissy crap. Just good music and good lyrics i can connect to. For meaningful lyrics fomr my personal collection it's always been Lamb Of God. They write from their heart and from past experiences. Not to get fame and money like the recent pop culture fucking thrash.

Their first single Raven's Flight from the album really got me excited. It kicked ass!!

The movie Equalizer. Fucking hell. Thats how it should be. We need like an army of such dudes. And another whole section of John Wicks. And of course a whole fucking batallions of Agent 47. Give me these and the fucking humans will become civilaized. They will be taught to obey rules.

Fucking hell in the pandemic if i had control i would have beaten the shit out of the no mask wearing its my right privillage idiots. The unfortunately piece of land i live in called India got potatoes for brains. The PM actually preponed a mass religious gathering instead of postpoing it. I know right. Next minute you see on the news how the cases just went up and up. Nobody told you that i bet. Everyone i know was sad and praying but nobody and i mean nobody even dared to point a finger at that fool on the top responsible for it. Plus the people are idiots too. To not follow rules is in their blood. If the British didn't rule them. Savages the future generation would have been, There is a limit for the number of fuckfaces indians i can handle in a day.

Killing is natural and in need. Desperately. The entire BLM fiasco would be finished in a week max when he was found guilty and tried as per the law. But no. They had to get political. Had to dig up some past issues just to make a scene. To destroy property. We need weekly public executions done at the town square. Or your favorite mall wherever you guys hang out.

It's a monday night. I shall get ready for the night.