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2031-12-11 14:26:00 (UTC)

Rolando X Maris: November 1, 2019:

Clip: Maris finds about the true identity of Andrea and Rolando:
At Taco Shop: Katie and Maris are seated:
Taco Employee: (To Kat and Maris) Here you go!
Katie and Maris: (To Taco Employee) Thank you.
(Taco Employee exits)
Maris: (eats the enchilada) So, I just found on the news for my school since 2019.
Katie: (looks at your Phone and sees Andrea and Rolando are kissing at Maris' 19)
Maris: (worried)
Katie: What's wrong? Is your true identity?
Maris: Yeah. (eats the second enchilada)
Katie: (eats burrito) This is not the same difference between you and Rolando okay. Alex mad at me. A while ago. (eats the cilantro)
Maris: Right Katie. (eats the enchilada) (drinks horchata) The one with Andrea's interest was the worst.
Katie: Hell yeah Maris. I thought you are the best sister and assistant to me.
Maris: Thanks.
(they enjoyed the taco mexican food together)