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2021-06-28 12:43:12 (UTC)

Johnny the Psycho-trist 😬

I'm starting to think Johnny the psychiatrist is ACTUALLY a patient in THE secure psychiatric hospital for offenders. 😶

He said he wanted to chat....a call. I said, "Fine, okay go for it" he says, "You'll have to ring because I can't ring out on this old phone". 🤔 I thought, dodgy.

So I call and it's sounds like he on an ancient microphone in another galaxy. Couldn't hear fuckall. So I call again, same again. I get fed up with his 💩 poo.

He then calls me! Same again, his a million miles away barely make out anything he is saying. I end the call. He calls again twice more, same again. I end the calls. Then he texts " This phone is utter shit" then calls again and as I answer, ends the call. 🙄

Yep, deffo on the psychiatric ward. 🤪 Lol....ughhh, I got chills.

To be fair, the conversation the night before via text and a few times before he gets angry when I say I've others that have time for me. And the last conversation he said he had a rough day in the hospital with a woman saying she was screaming and bleeding with shit flying and smearing and she lashed out with her mouth foaming and piss drenching her matted hair. So I jokingly said, "Oh that was a nice date then" 🤣 and he got angry thinking I meant i'd been on a nice date. I explained I was joking about the women and him and he went into one so I just said, "yawns".

Anyhoo, he is probably smashing the four white walls up right now and eating his old phone before he gets put in a straight jacket and jabbed up. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂

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