Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-06-28 12:22:56 (UTC)

Chin, Chan, Chong...

My Chinese neighbour popped round with handy little photos on his shitty little phone to let me know my guttering about four hundred miles up in the sky has a leak. Thanks, pal. He's a nice guy, but a fkn dick all in one. Every time it rains, he thinks my guttering is leaking, and it's not. It is brand new, and it's called RAIN.

Shakes my head.....twat.

Omg, the other day when I was a taxi driver for my daughter. I had her, her boyfriend and a friend in my car, and we pulled in a valeting place for my car, and we swear Master Miyagi from the karate kid was standing there! LOL...He even had a karate headband on cool.

Oh, Mr Builder is a karate man too. He is tall as well, a big man, not fat, just a giant. I look like Dolly Parton next to him with my massive tits, a midget at 5'6. It was nice getting a giant cuddle off him last night, lol.

Mr Builder sent me his most enthusiastic morning text so far today. At 6.37 am!! Geez, jog on...I'm not even out of bed until 7 am.

Ed has gone quiet after news of my good date, to be expected. He is likely hoping it goes sour from now on, and I wallow in shit street once again, and he comes to my rescue with his waving hardon and affinity for all things me. To be fair, he does want the best for me unselfishly, but selfishly he wants me to be his forever sex.

After not hearing anything from Mr Psychiatrist all day yesterday, I didn't offer him goodnight the evening before and told him "yawns" to the shit that came out of his texty fingers. He has messaged me today with some bright and breezy message and asked if he can call me! I think he means call me or whether he means "a chat", as in texting. Not sure, soon find out when I finish this entry.

I think I decided I will not cook with my fantastic cooking skills this weekend on my third date with Mr Builder because the last time I cooked for a guy at this stage, he didn't appreciate it and was a massive cunt in the end. So, I will not give Mr Builder the full wonder of my talents just yet, LOL, and I will suggest getting a Chinese takeaway instead.

Booked off Friday this week and Monday next week, due to using up holiday for its sake and the end of the month, everything is in the bag on the sales front. I smashed this quarter again, so yeah, I'll reap some days off, and I do have to do my bit towards training some colleagues from Tuesday to Friday on conference video calls next week. Ugh, boring! But it's work, and they need some of the T to sprout her wisdom to help the lazy fucks. Smh.

Riiight, back to stuff xx Ciao, bum bandits (No 1 fan)